Hand car wash Ranca

In addition to the rich selection of grilled specialties and new, modern rooms, Gril Ranca pod Pohorjem offers you affordable car washing in our hand car wash Ranca, which is located within the building. Have an excellent lunch or relax in one of our rooms with jacuzzi. Meanwhile we will make sure that your vehicle is perfectly clean and waiting for you.


  1. Hand washing of cars (external or internal): 10.00 EUR
  2. Hand washing of cars (external and internal): 19.00 EUR
  3. Hand washing of off-road vehicles (external or internal): 13.00 EUR
  4. Hand washing of off-road vehicles (external and internal): 20.00 EUR
  5. Hand washing of minivans (external or internal): 12.00 EUR
  6. Hand washing of minivans (external and internal): 20.00 EUR
  7. Hand washing of vans(external or internal): 15.00 EUR
  8. Hand washing of vans (external and internal): 24.00 EUR

Opening hours

From monday to Saturday: 8.00 - 20.00
Sundays and holidays: 10.00 - 20.00

Ranca card

In Gril Ranca pod Pohorjem we reward our loyal customers. Get your "Ranca card" and receive a 10% discount on "cevapcici" or "pleskavica v lepinji" and a 20% discount on car wash.