Flos on Drava river

The name Ranca originates from centuries-old tradition of rafting on the river Drava. On special river rafts called “flos”, rafters transported cargo between different cities. Maribor was a popular resting place for them. On Lent, the oldest part of the city, more precisely in "Venice", as it was called the building at the pier, travellers could relax and enjoyed a wide variety of goods.

“Ranca” boat was like a lifeboat for the travellers on the “flos”. This wooden “ranca” boat was 6 to 8 meter long and made of the highest quality pine wood. 7 to 10 travellers could be transported with it to the safe harbor after sailing on dangerous Drava.

Even today we can see rafts on the river Drava. But mostly for entertainment and pleasure of travelers. Those who in past managed “ranca” boats nowdays travel in cars, on bicycles and with other means of transport along the river Drava and everywhere else. Until they arrive to Pohorje mountain. On their business trips or other adventures they stop in Gril Ranca pod Pohorjem to gain new energy for their journeys.

You are invited to join them!